この度、アワガミファクトリーでは「阿波紙と版表現展2016 — 東京造形大学×RISD」を開催致します。


この度は、東京造形大学及びRISD(Rhode Iland School of Design)の関係の気鋭のアーティストによる「アワガミエディショニングペーパー」を用いた版表現をご覧頂きます。


本展開催にあたり、アーティストの人選及び各種調整について、東京造形大学の生嶋順理氏、RISDのDaniel Heyman氏に多大なご協力を賜りました。この場をかりて厚く御礼申し上げます。

阿波紙と版表現展2016 冊子



On this occasion, Awagami Factory proudly hosts: “Awagami and Print Expression Exhibition 2016 – Tokyo Zokei University and R.I.S.D”.

Our mill has always encouraged artists to explore and push the creative boundaries of washi as an art material. We have placed particular emphasis on developing (and marketing) our washi overseas in the hopes of exploring international creative expressions on washi as well as here at home. Our collaborations with Universities are of particular importance as they introduce washi’s creative potential to young artists who most likely have little experience working with these unique papers.

This exhibition features fine art prints made on “Awagami Editioning” washi papers by a group of spirited artists from from Tokyo Zokei University and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) in the US. The 10 “Awagami Editioning“ papers used are made from traditional washi fibers: Kozo and Gampi along with other (non-wood) fibers such as Bamboo and Cotton. These 10 papers each have unique surfaces and interior structures that allow artists to achieve varied creative expressions within their prints. The papers’ relatively compact / uniform size and high quality makes them both easy to use and to create print editions on – therefore the collections name: “Awagami Editioning”.

We are able to hold this print exhibition due to the contributions of professors Junri Ikushima (Tokyo Zokei University) and Daniel Heyman (RISD) who both curated the works for this cross-continental show. It was through their generosity, kindness and hard work, that this exhibition was made possible – so, please allow me to take this opportunity to offer my deepest thanks to both of them. And a thank you as well to the talented artists who have contributed prints to this impressive show… Arigatou



2016年12月17日(土)〜2017年1月9日(日)[第1期 徳島会場]

2017年1月23日(土)〜1月28日(日)[第2期 東京会場]

12/17(土)10:00〜 15:00 銅版画制作ワークショップ(定員10名)講師:生嶋順理(東京造形大学)他
12/17(土)17:00〜 オープニングレセプション
12/18(日)13:00〜 15:00 オフセットリトグラフ創作デモンストレーション 講師:生嶋順理(東京造形大学)
1/29(日)15:00〜 16:30 出展アーティストによるゲストトーク




[第1期 徳島会場]
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